Black Dwarf
Black Dwarf
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Black Dwarf

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No Hair

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Black Order

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New Frontiers

Black Dwarf is a member of the Black Order .




New Frontiers

Black Dwarf was among the Black Order who freed their master, Thanos. While fighting the Avengers, Black Dwarf was present when Thanos absorbed the Quantum Force.

Avengers World

Black Dwarf was present on the battle for Earth. After Thanos' defeat he was placed in custody by the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Powers and Ablities

  • Superhuman Strength: Black Dwarf has strength compatible to that of Hulk or Thor, as he can perform similar feats to them, such as rag dolling opponents, jumping several miles and even managing to knock out both Hulk or Thor mid air while ambushing them. He managed to fight of Captain America before the he was surrounded and dog pilled by the the Corbinites.
  • Superhuman Durability: Black Dwarf is resilient enough to withstand fighting Hulk without damage, despite being knocked out.
  • Superhuman Leaps: Black Dwarf's strength extends to his legs, allowing him to propel himself several stories in a single bound.



Background Information


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