Cobalt Man is a robot supervillain and enemy of Iron Man. It is a sentient assault robot that resembles a bulkier dark blue-indigo version of Iron Man, and possesses the ability to teleport in a flash of blue light. He was believed to be controlled by Ultron, who later possessed Vision after defeating Cobalt Man.


Cobalt Man's origins are reletively unknown (it is believed this version was constructed by Ultron). He was an villainous robot that beared an uncanny resemblence to Iron Man, and was fitted with a device capable of teleportation. Cobalt Man was attacking in Manhatten, when the Avengers responded to the report and engaged him in battle. Cobalt Man's teleportation made him a rather elusive threat, but thankfully, Vision showed up and was easily able to combat and deactivate it, disabling the teleporter. Later, Tony and Sam brought the robot's body back to Avengers Tower, in order to inspect for Ultron's presence. It is belived Ultron did control Cobalt Man, and possessed Vision.

Powers and Abilites

flight, superhuman strength (it multiplied his strength 100x) and durability, recoil beams, the ability to teleport etc.


Season 3: Ultron Revolution

. "A Friend in Need"


  • The Cobalt Man from the comics was a human in an armored suit known as Ralph Roberts.
  • It is possible this version of Cobalt Man was built by Ultron to serve as a trojan horse to take control of Vision.