Ghost of the past

"Ghosts of the Past"
Director: Phil Pignotti — Writer: Todd Casey — Aired: October 26, 2014 — 12px    12px      

"Ghosts of the Past" is the 4th episode of the second season of Avengers Assemble


Iron Man' faceplate is covering up his face at 14:06

Jet Pack fire is orange instead of blue at 14:30

Winter Soliders gogles are black instead of green at 18:35


Red Skull has information that could help the Avengers save the world from Thanos, but an intruder kidnaps Red Skull before they can retrieve it. Captain America discovers that the trespasser is none other than his old partner Bucky Barnes (now the Winter Soldier) who is back seeking revenge.


Episode begins when Tony Stark gives a mission assignment for Captain America and Falcon to stop H.Y.D.R.A from destroying a S.H.I.E.L.D armory if failure to free Red Skull asking for Hulk as backup while eat nachos and guacamol. Falcon and Captain America answer each other for Tony's mission and are on their way to the hijacked S.H.I.E.L.D armory and didn't notice that Winter Solider was watching Captain America and Falcon while H.Y.D.R.A was distracted by Tony Starks message H.Y.D.R.A. didn't know that Falcon and Captain America both made an entrance when Falcon got cocky and finished with the H.Y.D.R.A agents another H.Y.D.R.A. robot took Falcons wings making him defenseless and threw him out leaving Captain America shocked. Falcon was asking Tony Stark for suggestions for a safe landing and that Tony Stark said that Falcon only has 20 seconds left for impact if Captain America hadn't diffused the bomb in time and the only way Falcon coul've been saved and tthe only suggestion Falcon got was to land in the ocean until Captain America came to help Falcon. Falcon asked Captain America that he saved Falcon and diffused the bomb and found out that Captain America used his Sky-Cycle to get the bomb from the S.H.I.E.L.D armory with only 5 seconds left while Falcon is happy with a mission success and was gonna high-five Captain America until Captain America responded thinking about Bucky and took care of the H.Y.D.R.A agents by himself while Winter Solider was watching and was on his way to Avengers Tower. Falcon wanted to be a two man team like Hawkeye and Black Widow but Captain America declined the idea. Tony asked Falcon if he's alright and tha they both talk about Aresenals assembly and asked if Falcon could be of aid. While Winter Solider was at the roof of Avengers Tower Winter Solider shot the data crocks lock to disable the lock and cause static to the cameras, snuck into the vent waiting for Falcon to leave asking Black Widow about what happened to Bucky and used a taser cord to sedate Tony Stark. At the living room while Hulk is taking a nap. Hawkeye makes a deal with Thor to hit every target to keep Thor from hogging the T.V. for a weekend using a pea and landing into Hulks nose making him mad by throwing a couch ready to knockout Hawkeye until Thor saved Hawkeye and that Hulk was ready to beat up Hawkeye and Thor until Winter Solider threw a grenade whi contained sleep gas knocking out Hawkeye, Thor and Hulk. At the prisoner detention center Black Widow is demanding for answera to stop Thanos and was getting numbers and two other infinity stones until Falcon asked about what happened to Bucky revealed by Black Widow that Red Skull did a aresenal of tricks and turned him into a mercenary. Experiment failed for Red Skull and Bucky and that it was revealed in Captain Americ: The First Avenger that The Howling Commandos were to stop Dr. Arnim Zola who also helped Red Skull with The Winter Solider Expirement. After being distracted by the security system alarm Falcon tries to call in Tony Stark and J.A.R.V.I.S. but only got static Falcon and Black Widow make way to the datacrocks and that the intruder was Winter Solider who waited for Falcon and Black Widow to leave the prisoner detainment dropped in front of Red Skull's cell and disabled Red Skull's cell off screen. Captain America is at the datacrocks accessing J.A.R.V.I.S and failed due to Winter Solider disabling J.A.R.V.I.S and the prisoner detention center cameras. Falcon asks Captain America about Iron Man's location and was revealed that Captain America, Falcon and Black Widow were the only avengers standing saying that Captain America received static from prisoner detention center watching Red Skull and asked Black Widow and Falcon about who was watching Red Skull. Captain America said Red Skull hijacked The Avenjet but it was on its way to Avengers Tower. Black Widow, Falcon and Captain America were dodging the Avenjet lasers until Tony Stark used his watch to deploy his armor to get the Avenjet away from Avengers Tower. Captain America doubts that Red Skull is not responsible for hijacking The Avenjet. Falcon asks Captain America where he's going and sent Falcon to help Iron Man with The Avenjet while Captain America is on his communicator. Black Widow asks Falcon if he's gonna help Iron Man with The Avenjet and that he trusts that Captain America will be on his communicator. Still with The Avenjet Iron Man tells Black Widow to wake up Thor, Hawkeye and Hulk tells the trio to wake up by kicking them and found out that Hawkeye,Thor and Hulk were knocked out by a sleep greneade and uses her gauntle built in tazers to wake up Hawkehe, Thor and Hulk the trio wok up shocked and that Hawkeye blamed the whole target practice on Thor. Iron Man tells Falcon about his plan to take care of The Avenjet, deploys one missile for Falcons entrance and found out that it was put on auto-pilot while Falcon was putting The Avenjet on Manual Control, Iron Man was running a tracking device on Red Skull, told Falcon to turn off The Avenjet Defensive Systems lands The Avenjet safely to Avengers Tower, Black Widow asks about Red Skull whil Iron Man asks about Captain America. Winter Solider and Red Skull were in the subway train below while Captain America claimed that it was a kidnapping but Winter Solider says that it's revenge shocking Captain America. Captain America tells Winter Solider that revenge is bad but was cut-off by Winter Solider saying that Bucky is dead and goes by Winter Solider. Captain America persuades Winter Solider to give back Red Skull and that Winter Solider was ready to use his gun and that Captain America explains the consequences if Red Skull is destroyed and that there be no way to stop Thanos. Winter Solider shoots his laser rifle at Captain America and escapes on the train. Winter Solider and Red Skull climbed to the roof of the train, pushes Red Skull and signals a drone getting ready to escape but was delayed by Captain America.,Captain America throws his shield to Winter Solider and go ready to fight for Red Skull. Captain America was ready to stop Winter Solider and that Winter Solider attacked Captain America concerning the citizens of the train. Finishing the fight on the trains roof Winter Solider gets ready to escape, grabs his Laser Rifle and destroys part of the Manhattan Train Track with the concerning citizens while Captain America is ready to m a emergency stop going to the front of the train driver saying to use the emergency break making a emergency stop tossing Captain America nearly ready to get injured but was saved by Falcon and the rest of the avengers to help Captain America with the trains emergency stop. Hawkeye fires two cable arrows deploying Hulk and Thor and was stop by Iron Man. The avengers help with the citizens while Captain America asked Falcon about how the avengers found him and reveals that Captain America that Falcon bypassed his Avengers I.D Card. Black Widow said that she put a tracking device on Red Skull and found out that Winter Solider had disabled Red Skulls tracking device she asks Falcon to relocate Red Skull. Iron Man and Captain America talk about Winter Soliders orgin and that Captain America says that Winter Soliders orgin is his fault and that means it's gonna get worse if the avengers don't recover Red Skull and the information on how to stop Thanos. Falcon finally found Red Skull and Winter Solider at a abandoned missile silo in New Jerest. Hawkeye finds a jetpack and that it was needed by Captain America to stop Bucky wishing that he had a jetpack. At the New Jersey missile silo Winter Solider uses digital hand cuffs to stop Red Skull from escaping, finds the avengers track device and destroys it. Winter Solider refused to belie that he doesn't want to see Red Skull destroyed and the only way to keep Captain America from saving Red Skull is to deploy all the missiles and waited with Red Skull to go to Belarus, Russia where Winter Solider got his orgin. Falcon found out that the avengers tracking device was destroyed by Winter Solider and that the avengers were told by Iron Man to destroy the thruster and detonator. Hulk jumped to destroy a missile thruster while Thor destroyed the detonator with some lightnin that was summoned by Mijnoir. Asks Balck Widow for answers on why Winter Solider would destroy the U.S.A. and Red Skull and that it was revealed that Red Skull did expirement on Bucky and messed up things a bit. Black Widow told Hawkeye that she had something different for Hawkeye and that it was a crystal cross bow shooting at the dentenator while Iron Man destroyed the thruster of the missile. Captain America is with Falcon destroying a missile, Captain America destroyed the missile thruster while Falcon destroyed the dentenator of the missile. Captain America told Falcon how to find the missile that's on its way to Belarus, Russia and told him the H.Y.D.R.A. base location where Bucky turned into Winter Solider, Falcon found the missile that is ready to destroy Belarus, Russia. Captain America sends Falcon to help the team while Captain America goes to the missile and frees Red Skull. Captain America mentions about how much the missiles reminded him of Captain America: The First Avenger. Red Skull warned Captain America that Winter Solider was ready to attack Captain America. Winter Solider snickers and throws a missile door at Captain America and failed to injure Captain America. Captain America was ready to stop Winter Solider and starts a second fight with Captain America by Captain America throwing his shield and fights Winter Solider telling him the citizens that he's endangered and asks him why humans should be destroyed. Captain America tries to help Bucky and said that he goes by Winter Solider and explains why Red Skull should be destroyed for expirementing on Bucky tried to kill Red Skull as a act of revenge. Black Widow said that there was no time to stop the other three missile. Hulk was going to destroy the missile thruster and failed, Iron Man told Hulk that he missed his target and told Thor to destroy the thruster while Iron Man destroyed the dentenator having Hulk fall from the missile ready to puke. Thor saves Hulk and that he hopes that Hulk doesn't puke on Thor. Captain America is still telling Winter Solider that he always has a choice and telling him that he's finishing the destruction of the earth turnin him into a villain. Winter Solider and Captain America finish up their fight and explained to Captain America that Red Skull turned into a monste. Captain America told Winter Solider that h has to let go of what happened to him. Captain America protects Red Skul. Before Winter Solider escaped from the missile he told Captain America that he has 27 seconds left for impact and told him that he sh let go now too. Buck escapes and uses his skydiving wing suit. Captain America said that the was no time to stop Winter Solider and recover Red Skull and proceeded with the Emergency Rescue Missio. Falcon asked Captain America if i was a good time to team up and told Red Skull to stay put while Captain America recovered his shield Falcon destroyed the missile thrusters,dentenator, thanked Falcon by calling him partner. The rest of the avengers Iron Man, Falcon, Black Widow and Captain America moved Red Skull to a new cell off screen talking about Winter Solider and that he's dropped that part of his past. Captain America asks Falcon to do a mission at The Belarus Russia Museum Hydra Base while Falcon wants to work with Captain America more which confused Falcon. Hulk beats up Thor and Hawkeye about the eaten nachos and guacamole plus that bet using a pea that clogged up Hulks nose. Thor was happy that he won his bet with Hawkeye. Hulk goes after Hawkeye about eating his guacamole while Hawkeye said that he doesn't like guacamole.


Adrian Pasdar-Iron Man

Fred Tatasciore-Hulk

Roger Craig Smith-Captain America

Travis Willingham-Thor

Troy Baker-Hawkeye

Bumper Robinson-Falcon

Laura Bailey-Black Widow, Woman, Kid

Bob Bergen-Winter Solider

Liam O' Brien-Red Skull/ Commuter

Background Information


When Captain America was freeing Red Skull he is talking about Captain America: The First Avenger

This is the only episode where the Winter Soldier appear.

There's a person that is simular to Flash Thompson while Winter Solider and Captain America where both fighting.

There's a person simular to Iron Fist.

Red Skull talks about two other infinity stones The Mind and Time Stone.

At the end of the episode the avengers move Red Skull to another cell.

This is the third episode featuring the avengers darkest secrets first was One Little Thing, Crimes And Circuses.

It reveals that Hawkeye doesn't like Guacamole.

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