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Eye color


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Chronological and political information

Inter-dimensional craftsman


The Hulk

First appearance

Hulk's Day Out

Voiced by

Robin Atkins Downes

Glorian is a respectful, inter-dimensional craftsman, and also a friend of the Hulk. He gave glass statuettes to Hulk He is also the galaxy's greatest creator, according to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files.

Personality and traits

Glorian seems to be a joyful person and seems to be adjustable in nature, as he doesn't mind Hulk destroying things. In fact, he made Hulk as his best friend. He applauds when Hulk fights, showing his compassion. Despite the fact that they are both opposites of each other, he respects Hulk's ways.

Physical Appearance

Glorian has gold skin and wears glowing robes with a hood, and brown designs on his face.

Abilities and Equipment

Glorian has an aptitude for crafting and as a result he is the greatest craftsman in the galaxy. He has a natural talent for building things, which is quite the opposite of Hulk's powers.

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