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Biographical information
Real name

Clinton "Clint" Barton



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information



Charles Bernard Barton (aka Trickshot; brother)


Hawkeye's Bow and Trick Arrows

Chronological and political information

Crime fighter




S.H.I.E.L.D. (resigned)
Circus of Crime

First appearance

The Avengers Protocol, Part 1

Voiced by

Troy Baker

Hawkeye (real name Clinton "Clint" Barton) is a member of the Avengers.


Before SHIELD and the Avengers, Hawkeye used to be a member of the Circus of Crime under the name Trickshot. He and the circus met Ant-Man and stole money from his town, before Ant-Man realised they were criminals and betrayed them, also making Clint taking a shot to the head with one of his arrows, causing him to hold a grudge toward him until The New Guy, where he learned Scott never knew that Clint was Trickshot. He later betrayed the team during one of their biggest crime, causing them to get all caught, but Fury saw something in him and offered Clint a place in SHIELD, which he accepted. Hawkeye later joined the Avengers. Leaving the team after it was disbanded by Tony Stark, he took to being a solo superhero. After stopping the Frightful Four on his own, he received the Avengers Protocol and laughed at it, questioning if it was a joke and expecting Iron Man to emerge with hidden cameras. However, Iron Man insisted that it was not and told him that the Avengers needed him. After arriving at the Avengers Mansion with Iron Man, Hulk and Thor, Hawkeye made fun of Iron Man's leadership skills, stating that he might be able to lead them to Las Vegas before being told by Iron Man that their situation was serious and to not joke for the moment.

He then revealed to Hawkeye and the others that Captain America had been killed in the line of duty fighting against Red Skull, whom vaporized him. Hawkeye and the others watched the archived footage of Captain America's death and decided to join Iron Man in defeating the Red Skull after he revealed to them that he could not do his battle against him alone, with Hawkeye telling him as he rejoined that all he did was point and shoot. Hawkeye departed with the other Avengers to the arctic, Red Skull's base of operations. While aboard the Quinjet, Hawkeye was threatened by Hulk to be dropped due his insults towards the latter and thanked him for holding him outside of the jet, as he was able to view their enemies. While fighting the HYDRA agents, Hulk and Thor started to talk over their battle strategies. Hawkeye asked them if they mind and told them that he was fighting there before Hulk told him to fight somewhere else as he grabbed him.

Though Hawkeye told Hulk not to do it, the brute threw him across the battle field and in front of several HYDRA agents, with Hawkeye telling them that he was not with the Avengers. Hawkeye and the other Avengers soon met up with Black Widow, whom had been following them and wanted to make sure her assistance was required. After Black Widow suggested to Iron Man that the Avenger scan for M.O.D.O.K.'s skull to find him, Hawkeye told her that he was impressed before Black Widow told him that of course he was. Haweye and the other Avengers were left behind when Iron Man moved on Red Skull's signal, being pinned down by a multitude of HYDRA agents. Hulk placed Hawkeye and Black Widow in a pod and told them that they could thank him while having his speech being cut off by a hit from one of the HYDRA agents, causing Hawkeye to jokingly remark that he did not get what he was saying.

In the meantime, Iron Man had discovered that Red Skull and Captain America had switched bodies under the villain's instruction after Iron Man was struck across the head by Red Skull in Captain America's body. Hawkeye and the rest of the Avengers met up with Falcon and soon came to aid Iron Man in defeating Captain America. However, the Avengers soon found themselves desperately trying to help him when he was captured by M.O.D.O.K., whom stripped him of his arc-reactor and armor and gave it to Red Skull.[1]

Hawkeye on his day off went to a carnival with Falcon, who was unimpressed by Hawkeye spending the majority of his time there acquiring stuffed bears by winning them as prices for his success in the games. While Falcon left him be, Hawkeye was grabbed by the grapple of Black Widow, who informed him that Molecule Man had returned, causing him to remember an earlier encounter with the foe. Hawkeye planned to tell Iron Man about it, even though Black Widow stopped him initially, conceding when she warned him of what Iron Man might do with the technology associated with Molecule Man upon the villain's capture though Hawkeye predicted that Iron Man would be angered, being overheard by a returning Falcon who asked what they were talking about. Hawkeye and Black Widow unsuccessfully tried to convince him that they were speaking about a "surprise poker party", though he did not fall for it and left. Hawkeye scolded Black Widow over coming up with a "surprise poker party" as their excuse before the two went off in pursuit of Molecule Man.[2]

When the Avengers spilt in 2 different teams he chose to stay with Tony, alongside Thor. His reason was that he prefered to do things by his own book like Iron Man, instead of following the book of Captain America and SHIELD.


Hawkeye in " Planet Doom"

Personality and Traits

Cocky, quick-witted, arrogant, and impulsive, it is quite hard to imagine someone like Hawkeye being part of the Avengers due to his more negative aspects, like his brashness and smart mouth, not forgetting his childishness and trying to piss off his teammates at every turn by pulling pranks on them. However in Hulked-Out Heroes, he sacrificed himself to save two people from being crushed by a car. Although he did survive, showing that underneath that arrogant exterior there was a noble man. He's also quick to point the problems in a situation, as seen in Head To Head, where he's the first to realise that fighting as if they where each other when the Avenger had their body switch and told them to fight like themselves instead of another, or in Small Time Heroes, telling Tony that as great Thor and himself are great, they can't help him much with his technology, meaning Iron Man needs to add another brain to the team. He dislikes Ant-Man who returns the hate. He also deeply regret his past as a member of The Circus of Crime and despises them, with the exception of Princess Python whom he succeed to bring into SHIELD and start a new life. He also seems to like pickles a lot and gets angry whenever Hulk eats them all without leaving one.



Hawkeye and the Hulk are half the time bickering over anything and the other half good friends. They argue constantly but in end cares a great deal about the other and can be seen playing video games sometimes. They also work well together.

Black Widow

Hawkeye's ex-partner, she and Clint are good friends. She seems to be the only one who can put up with his behavior, probably because she's known him the longest. Hawkeye trusts her intuition, while she knows how to work with him best. They also tease each other a lot, and are quite protective of each other. Black Widow is quick to jump to his aid, as seen in Beneath The Surface, when Hawkeye gets eaten by Giganto, she quickly calls the rest of the Avengers to help her save him, or in Back To The Learning Hall when she sees Loki holding Clint by his throat, she quickly attacks the god and save her partner. They are also quick to compliment each other on how they do the job.


Hawkeye and Thor are good friends and rivals, and can be seen betting between them for the control of the television remote for a week-end. When the Avengers splited in two teams, they both joined Iron Man, and because Tony's armor was not working properly and the Avenjet was destroyed, Thor was transporting Hawkeye, to the later's chagrining. They do seems to get along better than with the Hulk, however.


As seen beginning their own rivalry on One Little Thing Hawkeye and Ant-Man dislike each other due to Hawkeye claiming that Ant-Man is being selfish revealed on The New Guy and happened after the Avengers broke their fellowship prior the show's start. It was revealed in The New Guy that Hawkeye, back when he was still with the Circus of Crime as Trickshot, took an arrow and blowing up in his face courtesy of Ant-Man when he later learned they were criminals and betrayed them, which caused Hawkeye to hold a serious grudge against him, leading Ant-Man to dislike him due to constantly being on his bad side, ignoring Trickshot was Clint.Hawkeye doesn't like having to work with Ant-Man, and seems the most displeased at having him joining the Avengers at the end of The Ultron Outbreak. Ant-Man doesn't like Clint either and has no problem leaving him at the mercy of one of his ant that seemed to like Hawkeye in Small Time Heroes. They do make up in The New Guy when Clint learns the reason of why Ant-Man betrayed the circus while Scott realised that Trickshot was Hawkeye.

Powers and Abilities

Like fellow Avenger Black Widow, Hawkeye has no superpowers, but has rigorously trained himself to nigh-superhuman conditioning, in terms of speed, agility, strength, instincts & stamina. He is also a master archer with uncanny reflexes and aim. He is able to rickochet pretty much anything with extreme accuracy and has been shown to be able to aim without looking and still hit his target as seen in The Final Showdown, Beneath The Surface and Thanos Triumphant. He is quite proefficient with other weapons too, using them with a lot of creativity, even impressing Freya in Downgraded. In The New Guy, he stated that anything can become a weapon to him, which is why he does not mind running out of arrows, because he'll just grab the first thing that comes by and use it. He is shown to be quite agile too, but not to the extend of Black Widow, but probably comes right after her in that domain. He also notes to Falcon that he relies more on his skills than technology. In Under Siege, it was shown that he makes his own arrows, spending entire days in the lab to perfect them, showing genius intellect.


Background information

  • Hawkeye first appeared in Tales of Suspense #57, and spent his first few appearances as an opponent of Iron Man due to a misunderstanding with police officers (the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent aspect is from the Ultimate universe). His backstory was fully explored in The Avengers #19, which reveals he was trained in archery by the Swordsman, however, this later revealed to be a half-truth in Solo Avengers #1 and 2, where his full origin was revealed.
  • He is quite similar to DC comics Green Arrow.



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