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Heinrich Zemo
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Saving Captain Rogers

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David Kaye

Baron Heinrich Zemo was the original Baron Zemo from World War II and a scientist to HYDRA. 


World War II era

Baron Heinrich Zemo was a nobleman and scientist who was a founding member of Hydra, alongside Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull. He lead a science division of Hyrda, alongside Arnim Zola. He faced off with Captain America and his teammate, Bucky, several times, and at one point managed to create a perfect copy of the super soldier serum as well as develop a superglue called Adhesive X. After World War II, Zemo's whereabouts are unknown, but he is long dead. However, his legacy lives on through his son Helmut Zemo, who wishes to continue Heinrich's work.


Season 3: Ultron Revolution

. "Saving Captain Rogers"

. "The House of Zemo"


  • Baron Zemo was first alluded to in Ultimate Spider-Man, where Spider-Man was talking about Captain America, a flashback of Cap and the Invaders fighting villains from the past, Baron Zemo was among them.
  • Heinrich Zemo is noted by Black Widow to have invented Adhesive X, which in the comics was the serum that glued his hood to his face. Presumably, this is the same reason Zemo never took off his hood in the flashbacks.