Kang is a 30'th century warlord with technology that is almost indistinguishable from magic.

A.I.M attempted to steal his futuristic technology to upgrade various villains. When Iron Man accidentally ends up in Kang's time, Iron Man had a brief fight with Kang before they both head back to 21st century.

Kang discover sthat A.I.M had harvested his technology for their purposes, and took control over their organization. Later on, Kang brought his ship The Damocles as the Avengers worked to prevent Damocles from firing a futuristic weapon that would exterminate Manhattan.

Although the Avengers are successful at this Kang retreats to the 30th Century alongside most of the Avengers. Over there the Avengers meet an elderly Thor, a new Black Widow, and several rebels who help fight Kang and his Kangbots. When Kang plans to use his new time travel technology to travel to other worlds, Captain America grabs onto him as they both end up in World War II and later on the prehistoric Jurassic Era, where their fight is interrupted by dinosaurs. Afterwards a brief struggle, Captain America takes the time-travel technology and leaves Kang stranded in the Jurassic Era. Kang stays back and prepares himself for their next encounter.

Powers and Abilities

  • Decelerated Aging: He has stated that he has all the time in the world to his needs.
  • Genius-Level Intelligence: He has a genius-level intellect, similarly to Tony.
  • 30th Century Armor: He utilizes a technologically advanced suit from the 30th century.
    • Matter Control: With the gauntlets on his arms, he seems to be able to control matter, such as air molecules, or even reconstruct a hole in his wall.
    • Enhanced Strength: The armor bestows upon him a significant increase in strength.
    • Technopathy: He is able to control he computer systems of his time with just his cerebral interface.

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