In the episode "The Conqueror", his future technology ends up the hands of various villains (like Whiplash and A.I.M.). When Iron Man accidentally ends up in Kang's time, Iron Man had a brief struggle with Kang before they end up back in the Avengers' time. Kang finds that A.I.M. has been harvesting his technology and takes control of A.I.M. present before disappearing. Kang later returned with his ship Damocles as the Avengers worked to prevent Damocles from firing a mega cannon that would annihilate Manhattan. Although the Avengers disable the cannon, Kang takes Damocles back to the 30th Century alongside most of the Avengers. In the episode "Into the Future", the Avengers meet an elderly Thor, a future Black Widow, and several rebels who help fight Kang and his Kangbots. When Kang plans to use his device to travel to other worlds, Captain America grabs onto him as they both end up in World War II and then the Jurassic Period where their fight is interrupted by an Allosaurus. Afterwards, Captain America takes the time-travel device, leaving Kang stranded in the Jurassic Period. While angered that he was thwarted by the Avengers, Kang states that this setback will give him time to prepare. In the two-part episode "Avengers No More," Kang appears as a member of the second incarnation of the Cabal which also consists of Leader, Arnim Zola, Enchantress, and Executioner where they assist Leader in his plot to build the Static Expander with the stolen Arc Reactor prototype and Vibranium from the Wakandan Consulate in order to scatter the Avengers across time and space.

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