Molecule Kid
Molecule Kid
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Aaron Reece

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Molecule Kid

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Daryl Sabara

 Molecule Kid (real name Aaron Reece) is the son of Molecule Man.


Not much is known about his past, but he is the teenaged son of the supervillain Molecule Man, who the Avengers have defeated and sent away. He came to town with his father's wand, claiming it was the only thing left for him. Not realizing how much power the wand truly possessed, he caused damage inadvertedly. After seeing the trouble the wand caused, he made it stop by fixing it and returning the world to normal. After recomendations from Iron Man, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, Nick Fury takes him in. 


  • Molecule Man's wand


Notes and references

  • Aaron was taken into SHIELD's "training program for high-schoolers" which is an obvious reference to Spider-Man's team in Ultimate Spider-Man.
    • However he is not seen in the show. Either this is a continuity error or Aaron is training in a far away facility, because of how destructively powerful he is.

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