Moon Knight
Moon Knight
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Marc Spector


Moon Knight

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Avengers Worlds

Voiced by

Diedrich Bader

Moon Knight (real name Marc Spector), is one of the potential Avengers recruits. Iron Man located him via J.A.R.V.I.S. he appeared to be operating in Egypt.


He makes a cameo in the episode "Avengers World" among the heroes the Avengers planned to recruit in their expansion program.

Moon Knight fully appears in the episode "Beyond" where the pyramid he is guarding ends up in the Battleworld domain of Egyptia. When Captain America and Black Widow enter the pyramid and reunite with Iron Man, they fight a mind-controlled Moon Knight and an army of sand-powered mummies to claim a certain orb that he is guarding. After a lengthy battle, Iron Man destroys the device controlling Moon Knight as he helps to finish off the remaining mummies. When Captain America thanks him for his help and states that they would need more soldiers in battle, Moon Knight states that he has to keep the evils locked in the pyramid from being freed. Before leaving with Iron Man and Black Widow, Captain America states that the offer still stands when he is ready.


Season 2

. "Avengers World" (Hologram/First Appearance)

Season 4: Secret Wars

. "Beyond"