Proxima Midnight
Proxima Midnight
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Proxima Midnight

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Black Order

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New Frontiers

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Kari Wahlgren

Proxima Midnight is a member of the Black Order and a servant of Thanos.


New Frontiers

Proxima and the rest of the Black Order members infiltrate a special prison where they take out the guards and it's defenses in order to free Thanos. Thanos leads the Black Order into attacking New Korbin, causing the Korbinite Jeter Kan Too to enlist the Avengers to help their world.

Avengers World

She and the Black Order join in Thanos's attack on Earth and the fight with the Avengers. After Thanos was defeated, the Black Order is mentioned to be in the custody of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Personality and Traits

Proxima is completely loyal to Thanos and the Black Order and very dangerous though intelligent and fierce.

Physical Appearance

Proxima is a tall, blue-skinned alien woman who has a very muscular yet voluptuous body, toned stomach, white eyes, black lips, ripped broad shoulders, and long muscular legs. She wears a very form-fitting black and white costume that accentuates her well muscled body and shows the prominence of her large breasts. She also wears a black helmet with two horns and has a gold colored robotic arm.

Powers and Abilities

  • Alien Physiology: As an alien, Proxima is stronger, faster, agiler and more durable than humans, allowing her to fight Captain America and send him flying through the air with her attacks, as well as withstand being hit by his shield. She was shown to be strong enough to knock Hulk back.
  • Spear: Her spear when thrown transforms into three tracers of blue light that never miss and is controlled by her.

Background Information

This is her first animated appearance.