Radioactive Man
Radioactive Man
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Igor Stancheck

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Winter Guard

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Secret Avengers

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Roger Craig Smith

Igor Stancheck a.k.a. Radioactive Man is a member of the Winter Guard.



Secret Avengers

The Winter Guard have operated against the direct orders of their superiors to rescue and retrieve one of their comrades trapped in a special container appearing to be a bomb with the key needed to release him. Their operations soon earned the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. which Nick Fury have sent the breakaway group of Avengers under Captain America to deal with them now while kept them in the dark of the Winter Guard's true intentions.

This led to clashes between the Winter Guard and Captain America's Avengers over the key until at the facility where they fought began to collapse and threatened to destroy the nearby village, forcing both groups to work together until Crimson Dynamo and Falcon released Radioactive Man from his prison and melted the collapsing facility down.

After the crisis has been averted, the Winter Guard then revealed the true purpose that they did everything they can to save their comrade and wouldn't want Radioactive Man as a weapon to be used, something that the Avengers can relate with the Hulk.

The two groups left in good terms with Captain America and his teammates apparently upset and disgruntled of Fury's way of doing things when they confronted him at the Tri-carrier.

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Radioactive Man possesses the power to absorb almost any kind of radiation from the environment around him and store it in his body's cellular structure. If needed he can release the stored radiation in blasts of heat, force, or pure radioactivity from his hands.