Falcon armor

The Project Redwing, or The Falcon Armor is the project which created an experimental areodynamic suit of nanomesh armor utilized by Falcon.


When Sam Wilson got Stark's message, he proceeded to the armory where J.A.R.V.I.S. suggests him to the War Machine armor but he refuses, prefering to use the experimental armor instead.


  • RedwingA golden jetpack attached to Falcon's back that creates his wings and grants him his main powers.
    • FlightThe suit's main capability is to fly at incredible speeds using hard-light holographic wings.
      • Wing Projectiles:  The suit's primary offfensives are hyper-charged projectiles doscharges from the wing's ends. Uses for it include:
        • Explosives: can generate explosive charges.
        • Bladed: can be solidified to cut through inorganic matter.
        • Impact: can gnerate action-reaction pulses.
    • Flash Grenades:
  • Heads Up-Display: generates updating HUD that shows real-time data that includes medical data, wind draft, power levels, comm, etc.
    • Sonic Navigation: The armor uses sonics and vibrational energy to create a natural navigation system.
  • Energy Shield Projectors:
  • Sonic Blasts: The armor is able to generate massive sound waves powerful enough to immobilize Venom-possessed monsters.

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