IMG 0028

Redwing in Sentry Mode

Redwing is Falcon's personal jetpack and main weapon. It uses hard-light holograms and Repulsor Technology to enable aerodynamic glide flight and several other feats. When Falcon became trapped in a distant future and had to rebuild his armor, he also rebuilt Redwing, which had a more drone-like design than before.


  • Flight: The suit's main capability is to fly at incredible speeds using hard-light holographic wings.
    • Wing Projectiles:  The suit's primary offfensives are hyper-charged projectiles doscharges from the wing's ends. Uses for it include:
      • Explosives: can generate explosive charges.
      • Bladed: can be solidified to cut through inorganic matter
      • Impact: can gnerate action-reaction pulses
  • Flash Grenades



In the comics, Redwing was Falcon's pet bird and faithful companion.