Due to the fact that were 16 security guards at this Comic-Con panel, I haven't seen any new video or photo's on the Internet. If I do, I'll make sure to update this blog.

Anyway here's an excerpt from

" Next, Loeb took on some internet rumors. Contrary to web speculation, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has not been canceled. When the show was first ordered, it was for 22 episodes. Loeb and the team at Marvel Animation Studios upped that order to 52, which is a lot. Enough in fact to tell the entire story, which Loeb promised has an, “Epic, epic conclusion."

After the end of the series, the Avengers will move to the new, rebranded Avengers Assemble. Loeb made sure to stress that this new series will not be a reboot or a negation of the previous continuity. Rather, he characterized it as a ‘transition’ and a ‘next step.’

“We are not saying that earth’s mightiest heroes did not happen,” assured Loeb.

The clip from Avengers Assemble was quite rough. The voice actors have not been finalized and some of the character models seemed a bit off. Tony Stark, Captain America and Hawkeye all have the same shaped face. And it’s an ugly shape. That said, the Iron Man suit looked pretty kickass and it was nifty to see the team fight a creature that I’m pretty sure was modeled off of Ray Harryhausen’s beast in 20 Million Miles to Earth. The series will feature Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow and an African American character in a flying suit that I could not identify immediately. Again and again, Loeb stressed the connection of style, tone and even continuity with the Whedon film. "

The African American she couldn't identify was the Falcon.

So umm... that's that, and lets hope we get a decent trailer within the next 6 months ^.^


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